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Harrisburg Travel Guide

Treat Yourself at a Bakery in Harrisburg, PA

The process of baking is a delicate one. It is considered more chemistry than anything else; with so many factors going into each item you prepare, you have to be sure of what you’re doing. Fortunately, with the number of bakeries in Harrisburg, PA, you won’t have to stress over your next batch! The assortment of bakeries close by us here at The Central Hotel & Conference Center means you [...]

A Comprehensive Harrisburg Escape Room Guide

Harrisburg can fit many molds. It can be a romantic destination, a family-friendly hot spot, and a haven for craft beer lovers. From all of those, an overlooked offering might be the area’s threshold for mystery and adventure. What better way to explore that side of you than in an escape room, where you’ll be locked in an enclosed area, debriefed, and have just 60 minutes to escape! So grab [...]

The Top 3 Bars in Harrisburg, PA

Whether you’re looking for that great spot to catch the game or a place to get a bang for your buck during happy hour, it’s always good to know where the best bars in your area are. Luckily for you, not only are there a slew of excellent bar options in Harrisburg, PA, but also within the confines of The Central Hotel & Conference Center! If you’re going to grab [...]

The Central Hotel: A Premier Romantic Destination

Love is in the air in Harrisburg, and who else better to give you the tools to make the most of your romantic getaway in Pennsylvania than The Central Hotel & Conference Center? Our on-site amenities, convenient luxuries, and numerous dining options nearby make us an ideal choice for your romantic retreat. But, if you want to get out and explore, you’ll have any number of options at your disposal. [...]

Harrisburg Coffee Shops: A Cup of Joe and a Side of Dough

For many, there is no better way to start off your morning than with a fresh cup of coffee. The steamy aroma fills your nostrils with the promise of a productive day. There is much to see and do around Hersheypark, but, if you’re not feeling up to the challenge, it can be a long day. Luckily for you, The Central Hotel & Conference Center places you within a short [...]

The Top 3 Wineries near Harrisburg, PA

For those unfamiliar with the sprawling, historic Susquehanna Valley, there are nearly two dozen wineries near Harrisburg, PA, set amid rolling hills and serpentine grapevines. O’Reilly’s Tap Room & Kitchen, the pride of The Central Hotel & Conference Center, is known for its extensive tap list. But patrons are often pleasantly surprised to discover a cellar filled with continent-spanning wine labels. We love fine vino as much as any other [...]

A Comprehensive Susquehanna Valley Guide

Spending one or two nights in the Susquehanna Valley just doesn’t cut it. There are too many attractions, historical landmarks, and thrill rides and too little time. This low-lying region is not only chockful of historical significance and unique, family-friendly attractions, but it’s also incredibly scenic, especially during autumn’s peak. As summer graciously concedes to fall, the rolling hills that enclose the Susquehanna River (which snakes past Downtown Harrisburg) transform [...]

Plan a Visit to Wildwood Park and Nature Center

Along the northern rim of Harrisburg, PA, only a short stroll from the wide Susquehanna River, lies a startlingly peaceful conservation area, known simply as Wildwood Park. Very rarely do city dwellers find such uniquely pristine acreage within four miles of a bustling downtown district. At its core, Wildwood Park is an outdoor recreation mecca for those with a penchant for hiking, biking, and picnicking. However, the Nature Center, named [...]

Visit the State of Pennsylvania Museum

When you visit Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you’ll see that there’s plenty of history that played a key role in the industrial development of the United States. There are plenty of sights to see and places to visit to learn more about the history of the state, such as the State of Pennsylvania Museum. For a fun and educational afternoon, consider bringing your family to the State of Pennsylvania Museum, just minutes [...]

Visit the Coolest Flea Market in Harrisburg: The HBG Flea

Take shopping to a new level and support all of the local vendors that create The HBG Flea. At one of the most popular flea markets in Harrisburg, you’ll find an array of vendors that sell a variety of handmade goods like jewelry, hand knits, clothing, art, foods, and more. If you’re looking for gifts, keepsakes, a delicious snack, or if you just want to see what this Harrisburg flea [...]

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy is always important, but it’s especially important to stay healthy while traveling. When you travel, you expose yourself to lots of germs - in the airport, in an Uber, in a hotel, and all the other surfaces you’ll come in contact with while traveling. There are many precautions that you can take to make sure that you stay safe and healthy. Review our tips for staying healthy while [...]

The Top 3 Breweries in Harrisburg, PA

As summer rapidly approaches here along the Susquehanna River in historic Harrisburg, PA, we cannot help but look ahead to sipping on local craft ales with the sun beaming down from high above. And there’s no better locale in Pennsylvania to welcome summer’s arrival than The Central Hotel & Conference Center of Harrisburg, a Premier Best Western Hotel. We take craft beer very seriously, primarily because many guests choose the [...]

The Best Brunch in Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, PA, is the vacation destination you’ve been waiting for, and when you stay at The Central Hotel, you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous and luxurious accommodations that will make you feel right at home. Here, you’ll be, well, central to everything you might want to do in or around Harrisburg, PA, and with comfortable and clean guestrooms, you truly can’t ask for anything more during your stay in Harrisburg. Brunch [...]

St Patrick’s Day Activities in Harrisburg, PA

For Central Hotel in Harrisburg, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a single day party—St. Patrick’s Day is an entire month celebration! All of Harrisburg comes alive the second our calendar reads March. Whether you’re searching for festive Harrisburg bars, mouth-watering dishes at Harrisburg restaurants, or a traditional Harrisburg St. Patrick’s Day Parade, we know the St. Patrick’s Day activities for you! Start planning your Harrisburg getaway with our favorite activities listed [...]

Spend a Day at Hersheypark

Pennsylvania is full of hidden gems, but the most popular gem of all is one made of pure chocolate: Hersheypark, a chocolate-themed amusement park just ready to be explored. A visit to Hersheypark is one that’s sure to be remembered by the whole family. When you stay at The Central Hotel Harrisburg, you’ll not only be perfectly close to the park so that you can experience all there is to [...]

Harrisburg’s Dog Bucket List for Pet-Loving Travelers

If you’re a dog parent, then you know just how hard it is to leave your furry friend behind while going on vacation. Few destinations and hotels allow guests to take trips with pets, which can make planning a vacation challenging. However, The Central Hotel Harrisburg understands that your pets are a part of your family and leaving them behind can be a traumatic experience for everyone. Our hotel [...]

National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg

Harrisburg, PA, is known for its many attractions, but the largest of them all is the Civil War Museum. This local institution seeks to share the entire story of America’s most troubling moment in history, while still focusing on the people who were affected. Visitors should expect to see a visual explanation of the causes/consequences of the Civil War, while fairly representing both Northern and Southern viewpoints. The museum [...]

Chocolate and Love in Harrisburg, PA

If you often find yourself thinking, “Wow, I love chocolate,” then Harrisburg, PA, is the vacation spot for you! Harrisburg is located just 20 minutes away from world-renowned, Hershey Park, Hershey’s Chocolate World Museum, Hershey Story Museum, and much more! Harrisburg and the surrounding towns have a deep appreciation for Hershey’s Chocolate. But one thing is sure: No hotel will ever love Hershey’s Chocolate as much as The Central Hotel [...]

Visitor’s Guide to Hersheypark in the Dark

Many children and adults celebrate Halloween all month long. Whether you plan on trick-or-treating, designing a spooky costume, braving haunted houses, or hosting a costume party, there are Halloween activities for everyone. This year, bring your Halloween spirit to The Central Hotel Harrisburg; we’re located near the ghoulishly delightful, Hersheypark. This all-ages amusement park celebrates Halloween all month long with new and traditional activities. Take a unique vacation and [...]

Fall in Love with Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

It’s never too early to start planning a fall family vacation, especially when there’s so many things to do in Harrisburg, PA, during the autumn months. Tucked within the Appalachian Mountains’ hills and valleys, The Harrisburg Region morphs into a kaleidoscope of fall colors. The trees are dressed in vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves; you name it! When staying at The Central Hotel of Harrisburg, you’ll never have to [...]

Best Restaurants in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

While on vacation, it’s essential to treat yourself to a nice meal. Harrisburg, PA, dishes out some of the best meals in the country, many of which are close to Best Western Premier: The Central Hotel & Conference Center. Fine Dining If you’re looking to celebrate something special…Bricco is the restaurant for you! Bricco is known as one of Harrisburg’s best fine dining restaurants. The menu offers Italian-inspired dishes crafted [...]

Independence Day in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The Central Hotel and Conference Center is a Best Western Premier property with a distinct style, luxurious amenities, friendly staff, and outstanding service in Harrisburg, PA. Unlike many other hotels near Harrisburg, PA, we’re conveniently located within a short drive of Hershey, PA, and in the heart of Harrisburg, PA. Our central location allows you to experience Pennsylvania's most popular destinations, like the state capital.  Whether you're looking for a [...]

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