When you visit Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you’ll see that there’s plenty of history that played a key role in the industrial development of the United States. There are plenty of sights to see and places to visit to learn more about the history of the state, such as the State of Pennsylvania Museum. For a fun and educational afternoon, consider bringing your family to the State of Pennsylvania Museum, just minutes away from The Central Hotel Harrisburg.

The State of Pennsylvania Museum

Photo from Inside the State of Pennsylvania Museum.

This museum, created in 1905, has collected, preserved, researched, and interpreted the cultural and natural history of the state. Since its opening over 100 years ago, its collections have only expanded and the museum continues to provide modernized offerings for the public. You will find several different permanent exhibits, as well as ever-changing exhibits – there’s always something new to explore and learn.

There is an array of permanent exhibits to explore when you visit the State of Pennsylvania Museum. Enjoy a beautiful life-size streetscape featuring historic facades typical of 19th century Pennsylvania towns and villages, anthropology and archaeology gallery, hall of geology, and many more exhibits that are here to stay at the State of Pennsylvania Museum. To view limited-time exhibits, visit the museum’s website

The State of Pennsylvania Museum also hosts fun and educational classes that your children will love! For 45 minutes, learn about the Native Americans of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania’s founding father, how humans have adapted and used rocks and minerals to enhance our environment, and so much more. Storytime and gallery tours are available for you and your family to enjoy as well.

The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday for families to enjoy. Spend a memorable afternoon having fun with your family at the State of Pennsylvania Museum, and then head back to The Central Hotel Harrisburg to relax!

The Central Hotel

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