Spending one or two nights in the Susquehanna Valley just doesn’t cut it. There are too many attractions, historical landmarks, and thrill rides and too little time. This low-lying region is not only chockful of historical significance and unique, family-friendly attractions, but it’s also incredibly scenic, especially during autumn’s peak. As summer graciously concedes to fall, the rolling hills that enclose the Susquehanna River (which snakes past Downtown Harrisburg) transform into a colorful blend of amber, marigold, and kelly green. But you don’t have to be a self-proclaimed “autumnophile” to appreciate everything that the Susquehanna Valley has to offer.

The perfect place to start and finish each glorious day in Pennsylvania’s picturesque capital city is The Central Hotel & Conference Center. Centrally located? Check. Luxurious? Check. A dream vacation come true? Check.

An Eclectic Susquehanna Valley Bucket List

To ensure that your upcoming escape to The Central Hotel is nothing short of fabulous, we’ve pieced together a handy Susquehanna Valley bucket list, complete with 23 individual destinations. Golfers, history buffs, oenophiles, and sports fans alike can appreciate the eclectic mix of activities available on a given afternoon. Please click the links below to learn more about the Susquehanna Valley, as well as Harrisburg itself. As you might imagine, people flock to Hersheypark, Gettysburg, and Lancaster County, so please keep an open mind this fall.

The Best Hotels in Harrisburg, PA: The Central

Photo of The Central Hotel's Entrance, Located in the Heart of the Susquehanna Valley.As mentioned above, The Central Hotel is minutes away from, well, everything that the Susquehanna Valley has to offer. But the hotel is an attraction in and of itself, with its opulent suites, a celebrated Irish-style pub, state-of-the-art business center, heated indoor pool, and grand entryway. Guests can also take full advantage of complimentary shuttle services, pet-friendly amenities, concierge aid, and high-speed Wi-Fi. To get matched with a guest suite that perfectly suits your group’s size, style, and budget, please call us directly at 800-644-3144 (or check availability online).