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Lodging in Harrisburg PA

4 11, 2020

Harrisburg Coffee Shops: A Cup of Joe and a Side of Dough

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For many, there is no better way to start off your morning than with a fresh cup of coffee. The steamy aroma fills your nostrils with the promise of a productive day. There is much to see and do around Hersheypark, but, if you’re not feeling up to the challenge, it can be a long day. Luckily for you, The Central Hotel & Conference Center places you within a short distance of many premier Harrisburg coffee shops to get you prepped for your adventure-filled day. Here are a few of our favorite spots. Little Amps Coffee Roasters With four locations [...]

9 09, 2020

A Comprehensive Susquehanna Valley Guide

2020-10-09T12:02:44+00:00Hotels in Harrisburg PA, Hotels Near Harrisburg PA, Lodging in Harrisburg PA, Susquehanna Valley PA, Things to Do in Harrisburg PA|

Spending one or two nights in the Susquehanna Valley just doesn’t cut it. There are too many attractions, historical landmarks, and thrill rides and too little time. This low-lying region is not only chockful of historical significance and unique, family-friendly attractions, but it’s also incredibly scenic, especially during autumn’s peak. As summer graciously concedes to fall, the rolling hills that enclose the Susquehanna River (which snakes past Downtown Harrisburg) transform into a colorful blend of amber, marigold, and kelly green. But you don’t have to be a self-proclaimed “autumnophile” to appreciate everything that the Susquehanna Valley has to offer. The [...]

9 08, 2020

Plan a Visit to Wildwood Park and Nature Center

2020-09-09T20:16:55+00:00Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Hotels in Harrisburg PA, Hotels Near Harrisburg PA, Things to Do in Harrisburg PA|

Along the northern rim of Harrisburg, PA, only a short stroll from the wide Susquehanna River, lies a startlingly peaceful conservation area, known simply as Wildwood Park. Very rarely do city dwellers find such uniquely pristine acreage within four miles of a bustling downtown district. At its core, Wildwood Park is an outdoor recreation mecca for those with a penchant for hiking, biking, and picnicking. However, the Nature Center, named after beloved civic leader and entrepreneur Benjamin Olewine III, provides ample opportunities for learning and community togetherness. The Central Hotel & Conference Center, one of the best hotels in Harrisburg, [...]

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